Ode to Signage

One of the things we loved the most about Australia was just how helpful everyone was.  No matter where we were there was always someone willing to bequeath advice, help you plan a route, suggest interesting places to visit, tell you the best campsites…. or to show you where you went wrong when you turned right instead of left 200km’s ago.

When it comes to Australian signage, you will find it no different – it is equally helpful.  Not only do the signs share information, they also provide helpful pictures, often showing you the right way to do something and the many ways one can do it wrong.  Some are even interactive, posing trivia questions along the highway with the answer only a few km’s down the road – to help break the monotony of covering vast tracks of arid land for days I presume.

I also enjoyed the bluntness of it all; no mincing of words just simply statements like “Don’t Drink and Drive Idiot” or “Slow Down Stupid”, go near the cliff and you can “DIE”.  I very much enjoyed these helpful hints and messages throughout our travels.  Although we blew by many on the highway and thus could’t take pictures of them all, I  began to document the ones I could.  Enjoy…

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