4 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. Thanks for the gnus, Lynn!! (Had to get that one in before McNaughton got to it) Gorgeous pics! Looks like you are both having an amazing trip! Peter

  2. Hi Guys: Following your adventure on the internet and by talking with Chris. Sure looks like you both are having the time of your lives. Can’t wait to see you in Florida to learn more. Keep the photo’s & narratives coming. Pete & Sharon in Florida

  3. Hey Flynn & Marcin,

    Family are awaiting with bated breath for more updates. Yes, we know it is a gorgeous place but please share it with us;). Hope all is well and hope to hear from both of you soon.


  4. Hey Guys, Been following your awesome blog. and cannot pick between which location is the most amazing, its a 3 way tie for me between lord of the rings, surfing and africa. Unreal adventure!!! Love the post card by the way and no I won’t be giving that one to Finnley.

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