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Well as promised we have compiled some of our favourite Safari pictures together – which was extremely tough given the amazing things we saw and the fact that we took over 1000 pics!  We have put 55 together in the sideshow attached to this post so we hope you enjoy them.

We had such an amazing experience it is hard to encapsulate it in a short post.  Driving though Tanzania was something completely different from anything we have ever experienced or seen before.  We will be doing another blog on the people and landscape of Tanzania specifically later.

Our Safari was 8 days in total, we went with the company Safari Legends and our wonderful friend and guide Hussan.  The itinerary and accommodations put together by African Legends was superb ( .  Our itinerary and tented lodges were as follows

Day 1– Arusha (Mount Meru hotel –

Day 2-  Manyara National Park (Kirurumu Tented Lodge –

Day 3 &4 – Serengeti National Park (Serengeti Kati Kati Camp – (

 Day 5 & 6 – Ngorongoro C. Area (Rhoita Valley Tented Lodge –

Day 7 – Tarangire National Park (Tarangire Osupuko Lodge – (

Day 8 – off to Zanzabar and the Neptune Pwani Resort and Stone Town


As I sit here on the beach in Zanzibar I am trying to narrow down some of the stories to share.  I will let the pictures speak to our animal experience but we thought we would compile the top 10 things we learned over the Safari.

1. When you ask how far something is and they say “pretty close” – pretty close can mean anything from 2 – 4 hours

2. About every 10 minutes when driving you experience a near miss with anything from a a car, motorcycle, goat, bike, giant truck, cow etc

3. When one refers to bush T.V – it really means they are bringing you to a fire pit

4. There are roads and then there are African roads – direct quote from Hassan

5. Driving at high speeds – which seems to be the way of it here, but difficult to tell given the speedometer dosen’t work – is really just one giant controlled skid

6. At night, things that glow when your headlamp hits them are not fireflies – they are animals stalking you

7. Spiders can be just “a little bit poisonous” – we thought they either were or were not – but according to the 3 gentlemen that killed a hand sized spider in our tent (one guy had a shotgun, the second a machete!) – this one was “just a little bit poisonous – just some pains and sickness”.

8. Animals are not bashful when it comes to mating time

9. Mice can literally run on the walls of canvas tents.

10. You can never, ever have too much Purel.

Take a look at our pictures and enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Flynnbob Geographic

  1. I knew this would happen! Now I’m going through safari withdrawal… : ) Great pictures! Glad you guys are in each others company and enjoying a spectacular beginning to the FlynnBob extravaganza.. Keep the pictures coming, stay safe, and Marcin, stay away from eggs and cheese.

  2. I finally had an opportunity to look at the pics, they are amazing and it is such a pleasure to be able to follow your vacation as you encounter new locations. Keep the pics coming … looking forward to the next batch. Enjoy!!

  3. Viewer Discretion is Advised – is what this should state before viewing these pictures with your 3 year old son. Well, no time like the present to learn about survival of the fittest.

  4. This is my dream adventure!! Again… I am SOOO jealous! You even saw lion cubs! What a treat! Some absolutely amazing photos, I am in so much envy! (I particularly like the one of the lions on top of each other.)

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