Safari Time

Believe it or not we have Wifi out at Ngorongoro Crater!  It is running off a generator so this is just a short post with a few pics of our journey thus far.  We are keeping the animal photo’s until our Safari is over, so stay tuned.

We are on Day 4 of our 8 day Safari and the wildlife and landscape have been unbelievable.  At times we felt like we were in a National Geographic Video.  Our accommodation thus far has been phenomenal,  we have been staying at both mobile and permanent tented camps.  Our place the last two nights was a canvas tent located in the heart of the Serengeti.  Our orientation to the camp involved a strict protocol about where we were allowed to walk (which was not far) and about being escorted back to tents after dinner and a curfew involving a max of 20 minutes outside the front of the tent at night.  When we asked why this was so (naively of course) he told us that if we didn’t follow protocol then they would see us the next morning, but only in pieces!  We just loved it though, it was so beautiful, we woke up one morning to Zebras and Giraffes grazing in front of the tent, and we feel asleep to the sound of Hyenas barking…and at times laughing!  On the second evening walking to dinner with a British couple our headlamps caught 5 pairs of glowing eyes from the bush, when the British couple used their flashlight, it lit up 5 Hyenas stalking up towards the dinner tent!  They scurried away quickly as the light hit them but it was amazing being only 10M from them, and slightly unnerving.
Tonight we are camped in a permanent tent structure beside Ngoronogoro Crater.  Just before dinner we were sitting on our deck listening to a Lion calling!  The place we are at is beautiful, fully sustainable and all proceeds go to support a Children’s home on the same property.  I was over at the children’s home today with a teacher and it was a completely perspective changing experience.  We will write more about all of this when our Wifi is not running off a generator and when we are back in civilization again.
Keep checking back and follow our blog for updates.

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13 thoughts on “Safari Time

  1. You know, we have an excellent zoo here in Toronto. Same animals, only you get to go home and sleep in your own bed…. just sayin;)

    • Oh Dad. This is better than FB. We only have time for so much……. I’m not sure if we can provide more splendour, but we will try.

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