Surf’s Up

Marcin has been focused on taking a surf lesson since we arrived in Australia, so as we headed north to Cairns we made a stop in Byron Bay to learn how to surf.  We opted for Byron Bay over Surfers Paradise because locals told us this was a way less commercialized and more relaxed town than the Miami Beach atmosphere of Surfers Paradise.

When we rolled into town, we immediately realized just how relaxed this place was.  There was a hand painted sign that said “Welcome To Byron Bay, slow down, chill out and relax”.  As we rolled down the main beach strip towards our “Holiday Park”, (fancy speak for trailer park), we passed the most campervans and VW Westfalia’s one could ever see and for the first time Marcin and I had the best campervan in town – remember the tin can we are living in has 607 355 KM’s on it.

We parked our home and headed to town to find a surf shop to book lessons.  Walking along we passed van after van with people camped out in front of them playing drums, guitars and even the old tambourine.  As we moved through the streets I quickly ascertained that shoes were very much optional. – Marcin found his mecca.  We walked into the first surf shop in town, booked a lesson and relaxed – as the sign suggested – the rest of the day.

Below is a video of our surf adventures – if you are wondering who is who during the clips that show the perspective of the person on the board – the person that takes people out, is Marcin.  It was an amazing town and great experience, we both wished we could have stayed longer.

If the video quality is low – just use the gear in the bottom right corner to turn it to 480p.

4 thoughts on “Surf’s Up

    • You should be able to play it in the post. Just click on the video, it should work. Let me know if you are still having trouble and I will send you a link.

  1. Looked like a ton if fun. After a day of hail and crazy wind in t.o I would love to be surfing and taking people out alongside you two! I am currently transporting myself to BB as we speak…..I think I would fit right in with some of my “homemade” brownies! Miss you guys.

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